Electrical Engineering for Today’s Types of Projects

Electrical engineers are the guys you turn to when you have questions about codes, standards, regulations, or any other questions that arise when taking on new construction, adding on to or renovating plants or businesses. These engineers are not only highly trained, they are essential to a project’s success. Their skills, from designing the installation to innovation of techniques and technologies that move a client’s project forward, make them indispensable for the electric business. Schaffhouser Electrical works with some of the top electrical engineers in the industry.

Our Kind of Service

Every business is different. We understand that the need of each business or plant can vary depending on the kind of service or product they are involved with. The wide range of businesses that will need the service of an electrical engineering professional is staggering.

Our electrical technicians also know they can count on the electrical engineer’s advice and instruction for each project. Having the assurance that codes are met and standards and best practices are included from the start lets them concentrate on the installation. This is a great way to get the job done safely and on time.

As with all of our services, we strive to give each customer the service they deserve and expect. This means a safe, quality install that is also on time.

For future electrical projects, we can be reached at 615-325-8001.

We offer complete electrical construction services for industrial and commercial needs, so give us a call today.