DVR Installations

Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) have picked up so much steam in recent years that “DVR” is perhaps now used more often as a verb than a noun. i.e, “I’m going to DVR that TV program so I can watch it later.” The first DVRs emerged in 1999, and as of 2012, a whopping 45 percent of U.S. households contain a DVR, with figures only expected to grow. U.S. consumers love their DVRs because they enable them to fast-forward through commercials and to pause and rewind live TV. Plus, there’s the flexibility of being able to watch a TV program whenever and wherever you please.

Another great thing about this particular consumer electronics device is that it allows a lot of flexibility with regards to how you watch footage after you’ve captured it. Recording video in a digital format, the DVR can save video onto a disk drive, flash drive, memory card, or other local or networked mass storage device. You can even program your DVR and view DVR footage via your smartphone.

DVR players have also found their way into corporate and commercial settings, with some companies using the recorders to handle their surveillance needs. As DVRs have grown in popularity, the technology powering it has changed, but Schaffhouser Electric has stayed up to date on the developments. We want to help you use the DVR to make your life easier, whether in your home or office setting. Our technicians can get your DVR all set up for you and make sure the correct cabling is powering it.

Schaffhouser Electric Is Proud To Provide The Following DVR Installation Services:

DVR Security and Surveillance Systems: A DVR is a cost efficient way to handle your commercial surveillance needs. Our technicians can work with you to determine the right solution at the right price. These solutions may include monitoring systems that will allow you to see (via your smartphone or personal computer) who is outside (or inside) your business … even if you’re across the country. DVR surveillance systems are known for high-quality images, along with easy backup capabilities, all while conserving storage.

Multi-room DVR: With this capability, we can see to it that you can play or record a program from a primary DVR and then access that program—and your entire library of DVR recordings—from any networked receiver in the building.

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