Audio System Wiring

If just thinking about how to properly set up a multi-room music system makes your head hurt, you’re not alone. This type of task is daunting to many, and it’s one that Schaffhouser Electric is happy to help you with. It’s smart to leave audio system wiring to a professional, especially because proper grounding is critical to ensure that noise and hum are kept to a minimum. Our professional installers are as passionate about simplifying your life as we are about making it sound better. We’re happy to make a dent in that pile of remote controls on your coffee table, as we work to tie all of your systems together.

We’ve seen a rapid growth in the demand for multi-room audio in residences and businesses across Middle Tennessee. This technology is great because it allows you to listen to different music in different rooms, all powered from one, user-friendly interface. Many systems even deliver audio and intercom capabilities in one. In this way, you can listen to music, communicate with any room, and even answer the front door. Plus, speaker technology has never been better or more streamlined. Many modern audio systems use in-ceiling, flush-mounted speakers so that listeners are enveloped in all-around sound. Our experts will use our knowledge of proper speaker placement and connection to make the most of your surround sound system.

Schaffhouser Electric loves to customize unique, discreet, and versatile audio systems that speak to our clients’ specific needs. We work in new constructions, existing homes, and commercial settings, and we are happy to work alongside your contractor to come up with the best solutions and to keep your wiring hidden within the walls or elsewhere. We specialize in:

  • Whole-house audio system wiring, installation, and setup
  • Surround sound system wiring, installation, and setup
  • Media room/home theater/home cinema system wiring, installation, and setup
  • Flat screen TV and DVR installation services
  • Intercom/paging system wiring, installation, and setup
  • Cable pre-wiring and retrofit installations
  • Internet streaming audio
  • IP-based audio and visual distribution
  • Audio source and speaker installation
  • High-end audio systems
  • Speaker installations

You can count on Schaffhouser Electric for great, personalized service at a fair price! We want to help you make your home and office audio dreams a reality — call us today at 615-325-8082 to schedule your appointment!