Video & Camera Cabling

When it comes to the quality of video and photography, we’re willing to bet you don’t want anything but the best. That’s why camera installation and cabling is best left to a professional. Save yourself the frustration and embarrassment of technical difficulties and count on Schaffhouser Electric for solutions to any and all challenges related to analog signals, digital audio/video signals, and optical audio signals. In the rapidly evolving video marketplace, Schaffhouser Electric stays up to date on exactly what components and cabling arrangements will translate into the best picture … every single time. We can equip you and your company with everything from speakers and amps to control devices, cables and extenders.

Endeavoring always to exceed the limitations of audio and video signal distribution, we offer comprehensive video and camera cabling services. Don’t sacrifice quality or speed by improperly installing a new video or camera system. Let us help you understand how your video equipment works and how to integrate your equipment for endless possibilities. For example, we’ll enable you to effortlessly send information from a computer to an LCD monitor. And we’re also big on cost-efficiency and reliability. We know the latter can be especially important when installing surveillance or security camera systems.

Schaffhouser Electric can set up the following types of video cabling for you:

  • RF (Analog Signals): Radio Frequency (RF) devices require the use of BNC cables, F-Type coaxial cables, RF couples and adapters, as well as splitters, amplifiers, and switches to transmit the RF audio/video signal.
  • Composite Video (Analog Signals): Devices that have composite video and stereo audio connectors require cables, switches, converters, amplifiers, and adapters.
  • S-Video (Analog Signals): Carrying an analog video signal only, S-Video is a type of audio/video connector that requires S-Video adapter cables for converting S-Video to RCA and couplers so that you can connect multiple S-Video cables together.
  • Component Video (Analog Signals): Found on most audio and video devices, Component Video requires the use of cables, switches, converters, amplifiers, and extenders.
  • RGB Video (Analog Signals): Though Analog RGB (red, green, and blue) isn’t especially common today, we can locate the right connector and cabling to get quality at a premium.
  • Digital Video (Digital Signals): High-quality digital video signals require connectors capable of transmitting large amounts of digital data from the source to the display.

Call Schaffhouser Electric today for answers to any and all of your video and camera cabling questions.