Fire Alarm Systems

Fire can be enormously devastating—capable as it is of taking lives and leveling properties. In 2011 alone, there were 1,389,500 fires reported in the United States. According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), these fires caused 3,005 civilian deaths, 17,500 civilian injuries, and $11.7 billion in property damage.

Although there are certainly proven ways to prevent fire (see our Infrared Load Testing page), it is also one of the most unruly, unpredictable, and quickest-moving sources of destruction. In an instant, everything can be lost. For that reason, a key component of any company’s preventative maintenance plan will include an active fire alarm system. This system will control all of the fire alarm modules in a building, and can be activated mechanically or electronically. A fire alarm system will not only notify you of the existence of fire, heat, or smoke on the premises, but it can also serve as a highly effective evacuation system and can help you to extinguish the fire.

As part of our efforts to offer a comprehensive set of electrical solutions to our clients in and around Nashville, Schaffhouser Electric installs, inspects, and maintains fire detection systems. We are available to conduct annual inspections of fire alarm systems per NFPA requirements, and we are available to inspect panels made by most any manufacturer. We can also repair and replace devices as necessary.

What Happens During An Inspection Of My Fire Alarm System?

During an inspection of an existing fire alarm system, we will be able to verify that your device is functioning and being used properly. We do this by thoroughly testing every part of your system, including your power supplies and the devices themselves. We can also use test smoke to test the functionality of your smoke detector or heat sensor, and we can verify that your signal reached your monitoring company’s office, if applicable. We will also conduct a complete visual and audible inspection of each horn and strobe.

How Is A Fire Alarm System Different From A Smoke Detector?

A fire alarm system controls all of the fire alarm modules in a building, and it can be activated either mechanically or electronically. A smoke detector is but a small component of the contemporary fire detection system, which now also includes heat sensors, sirens or devices that produce loud noises, sprinkler systems or fire extinguisher systems, and power supplies. Furthermore, there are now two types of smoke detectors—optical detectors, which use light sensors to detect smoke, and ionization detectors, which detect smoke particles. Most modern fire alarm systems also have automatic dialers that contact the fire department.

Whether you are interested in having a fire alarm system installed in your business or you’re looking for someone to inspect and advise you about your current system, you can count on Schaffhouser Electric. Call 615-325-8082 or request an estimate or make an inquiry to schedule an appointment!