Voice And Data Cabling

The computer and telephone once stood alone on your work desk. But these days the two work closely together, with email, text, voicemail and calendar capabilities entwined. When such a telecommunications system spiders out over several desks, several floors, even several office locations, things can quickly grow complex, and efficiency and safety begins to suffer. For optimum efficiency and safety in the contemporary office—not to mention simplicity—voice and data cabling installation is the way to go.

Why You Need Voice And Data Cabling

A massive tangle of computer and phone cords is more than just an eyesore. It’s also a sign of disarray and very likely means that your computer and phone systems aren’t operating as efficiently and quickly as they could be. Plus, all those exposed cords could pose a tripping hazard, leave your cords vulnerable to wear and tear, and more easily cause breaks in connection.

A better bet is to have a fully integrated internal and external data communications system. If you have an existing telecommunications system that could use an upgrade, if you need to extend your network into another office, or if you need an entirely new infrastructure, Schaffouser Electric can help. We understand that you need to be able to connect with customers, colleagues, and suppliers, and that there’s little room for technical difficulties along the way. We provide a full range of smooth-running data cabling services, including:

  • Wireless
  • Computer networking
  • Video and auto cabling
  • VOIP and voice installs
  • Fiber cabling installs
  • Data center installs

For more on what each of these services entails and to read about our lifetime warranty on data cabling, visit our Data Cabling Lifetime Warranty Page.

The Advantages Of Voice And Data Cabling

Relying on fiber optics, modern cabling systems are incredibly efficient and capable of taking on even very complex business operations. Traditional telephone wiring systems will experience a lower configuration speed during peak hours, but with fiber optic technology you won’t experience any hiccups or delays in service. Some other advantages of voice and data cabling include:

  • It strengthens your entire telecommunications network
  • It provides a safe and secure fiber optic network
  • It offers highly reliable Internet access
  • It supports numerous applications
  • It enhances your company’s reputation for technological innovation
  • It maintains the viability of your telecommunications network, even when the power goes out
  • It makes more room for workplace productivity and profitability

Schaffouser Electric is prepared to take on any size voice and data cabling installation project, whether you’re moving, remodeling, just opening shop, or simply wanting an analysis of your existing telecommunications setup. Give us a call at 615-325-8082 to schedule your appointment!