Data Cabling (Lifetime Warranty)

People often think they can handle data cabling on their own—by simply plugging this cord into that outlet. And while that approach works just fine in the home office, things get far more complicated, and the stakes get higher, in business settings. When Schaffhouser Electric manages your company’s computer network cabling infrastructure, you can be confident that the right equipment, software, and layout have been used and that everything is properly and neatly installed. Our know-how will keep your system operating correctly, and prevent damage and performance problems. And our lifetime warranty will give you the peace of mind you need.

Our Data Cabling Services

  • Wireless: We will handle the installation of a router and its related software, in addition to setting up security passwords that will protect your account from misuse or abuse.
  • Computer networking: The main component of data cabling is computer networking, which involves the physical connection of computers to a server so that they run as an integrated system. We typically use Ethernet cabling to accomplish this. Our professional installation will see to it that your cables are tucked into a “spine” that stretches neatly through your office. In addition to looking neat and clean, this protects employees from tripping, shields the cords against wear, and guards against connection breaks.
  • Video and audio cabling: Similar to computer networking, V&A cabling requires an organized approach. Our electricians can determine which are the right cables to use to make equipment compatible to power sources.
  • VOIP and voice installs: When we install a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) network, we will be integrating voice and communications units with your office’s Internet network. For more about voice cabling, see our dedicated page.
  • Fiber cabling installs: Industrial data cabling in factories or warehouses, for example, requires fiber optic cabling that can handle thousands of data transactions in an instant. We can do this work for you without disrupting your company’s productivity.
  • Data center installs: A data center installation will usually include any or all of the above cabling options, and entails integrating and routing them properly. These are highly complex installations that may involve connecting phones, a computer network, a wireless system for overflow computer connections, and video cabling.

Our Data Cabling Lifetime Warranty

Schaffhouser Electric stands behind our data cabling work with a lifetime warranty, stating that we warrant our computer cabling for the lifetime of its installation. If, for any reason, computer cabling installed by Schaffhouser Electric is found to be defective due to poor workmanship, we will replace the affected parts free of charge over the lifetime of its installation – guaranteed!

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