UL Certified Builder of Industrial Control Panels

Schaffhouser Electric is pleased to announce that we have become a UL certified builder of industrial control panels. By seeing a UL mark on a panel, regulators, specifiers, and end-product certifiers will be confident that the panel meets all certification requirements. Additionally, in North America, UL Safety Marks are the most credible and pursued marks.

UL Certified Logo

There are many benefits in choosing UL for your industrial control panel needs. Your competitive advantage will rise by providing your customers with UL certified general use, industrial machinery, elevator control, service equipment, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, fountain control, irrigation equipment, crane and flame control, and marine use panels. Also, your competitive advantage will rise by having the ability to bid on jobs that specify UL certified ICPs. When you choose UL for you industrial control panel needs, you will have greater efficiency because red-tagged panels at the job site will be eliminated, including the subsequent delays and extra cost. Another benefit in choosing UL is that regulatory authorities in every jurisdiction in the United States and Canada accept the UL Mark because it covers all requirements. All of these requirements include the following: proper component usage, enclosure environmental ratings, wiring and motor protection, safety markings, and conformance to the National Electrical Code (NEC) and Canadian Electrical Code (CEC).

To become UL certified, a company must acquire credits through UL Knowledge Solutions. They offer online course, private workshops, and public workshops all of which have been approved by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

Pros and Cons of a Backup Generator

generac industrial backup generator

Having a power outage at your business or plant is definitely a worrisome thought for any business owner, especially if that outage could last longer than a half hour. That is why many owners decide to invest in an industrial backup generator. However, many would argue that the low frequency of power outages does not warrant investing in an industrial backup generator. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of purchasing a backup generator for your business so that you can make an informed decision.

Unfortunately, it seems that natural disasters are occurring more frequently, and as we have witnessed, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and severe storms can cause catastrophic damage to property. Since these devastations cannot be controlled, many owners will invest in an industrial backup generator in case of unforeseen power outages due to catastrophic events.

Risk Management

• Power outages that lasts for an hour or more can be detrimental for a business, so being prepared with an industrial backup generator will give any business an advantage over competitors during times of power outages.

• There will be no complaints from customers and no loss of revenue if your company can continue production with the use of an industrial backup generator.
More Revenue

• Obviously, many companies will lose revenue during power outages because they will not be capable of producing for their customers.

• Your company will gain new customers because your company will be in production due to your preparation of having an industrial backup generator, which gives you a competitive advantage.

Since catastrophic events are not predetermined, some may never need to rely on an industrial backup generator to keep production going at their business. Also, some routine maintenance is involved with an industrial backup generator. Therefore, the cons will outweigh the pros in deciding whether to invest in an industrial backup generator.

• Small businesses may not have the budget to purchase an industrial backup generator on the front end.
• Industrial backup generator’s price tags range from $17,000 to $27,000.

Fueling Is Pricey
• Although you will not need to fuel a generator all the time, when you do you will have to use an alternative power source.
• Three fueling options for industrial backup generators are diesel, natural gas, or liquid propane.
• Of the three options, natural gas is the better option because it is renewable and cheap; whereas, diesel is the most expensive and not always the best.

The Night Before Christmas: Schaffhouser Electric Edition

Schaffhouser Electric Edition

‘Twas right before Christmas, when all through the shop
The elves were beaming, knowing that no child would be forgot
The gifts had been wrapped, packed in the sleigh with care
But this is the first time in ages the North Pole has been so prepared
You see, normally Santa sits there with his hands on his head
Stressed beyond belief, and only seeing red
But this year Mrs. Clause had just had enough
So she called Schaffhouser Electric to handle the hard stuff
There’s a chance you’ve never given it much thought
But order was needed, and chaos was not
Being in charge of Christmas is a big job to manage
And just a few small mistakes can cause a lot of damage
Santa’s workshop is a huge operation
Full of cookies and cheer, but not much innovation
A control system had to be put into place
A well organized call center, proper circuits and a database
So Santa sent his reindeers on a special trip
To pick up our engineers to help Christmas come together without a glitch
So the Schaffhouser team was off to the North Pole
With their plans perfectly prepared, they knew they could achieve the goal
They promised that they would get the factory into tip top condition
But this wasn’t just any job, it was for the workshop’s very own Control System!
Our guys got to work, without a moment to waste,
And it was all pulled together in a manner of haste
By the time all was said and done Santa couldn’t believe his eyes
He smiled at Mrs. Clause and exclaimed “Oh, My!”
Mirco controllers and machinery galore!
Electrical sets and processors wired down to the core!
With the flick of a switch and the push of a button
The elves got to dancing, and some rugs they were cuttin’!
Baseball bats and race cars, tea sets and dolls
All of these toys began to quickly line the walls!
Christmas was saved with a moment to spare
The Schaffhouser guys pulled it off, they really did care!
So in celebration the mugs were filled with hot coco
And the room cheered as they heard Ho! Ho! Ho!
Old Saint Nick let out a chuckle,
Then he quickly put on his coat and gave his boots a buckle
It was time for him and his reindeer to be on their way
But not without having something to say
He looked at the kind folks that had gotten it done
He said “Schaffhouser Electric, this was fun!
This work shop runs better than it ever has,
I made sure you’re on the nice list, and all of that jazz!
I can’t thank you enough, from the bottom of my heart
Wish I could stay and chat, but it’s time for me to depart!”
Rudolph led the pack up, but before they were up and out of sight
Santa exclaimed “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

From all of us at Schaffhouser Electric, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and look forward to serving all of your needs in 2016. If you’re like Santa and need help with your control system, just give us a ring!