Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofit and Design

Commercial Lighting Retrofit
Before and After Lighting Retrofit Design

Although energy mismanagement happens for various reasons, one of the most common sources of misused energy stems from overhead lighting. Up to 60% of your energy bill may be directly linked to the amount of energy that is used to keep the lights shining overhead. This isn’t only an expensive option due to the amount of energy it takes to keep the lights running, but it is expensive because of the heat the lighting produces. Especially during summer months, excessive overhead lighting creates an added source of heat that often requires additional air conditioning. So not only are you paying more for your electric bill for lighting, but you are also paying more for excessive air conditioning use.

Although overhead lighting is an important aspect of daily operations, it is crucial to know that a lighting retrofit can assess your current energy use to see if there are ways to cut down on your expenses. A lighting retrofit is the process of replacing part or all of an electrical system with lighting and controls that make it use energy more efficiently. This process will not only save you money long term, but it will also allow you to confidently tell your customers and business partners that you are an energy conscious company.

Schaffhouser Electric offers lighting retrofit and design services to help your company become energy efficient. Your lighting retrofit may include any or all of the following:

  • Analysis of and reduction of cost of overhead lighting
  • Removal of lamps and ballasts
  • Delamping, which is the process of testing the luminosity of your space and determining if it’s brighter than it needs to be, while still providing maximum safety and efficiency
  • Replacement of T12 bulbs with T8 bulbs, which are narrower and more energy-efficient
  • Analysis of and reduction of hours of operation using innovative controls
  • Analysis of and reduction of costs of outdoor signage, exterior, and parking garage lighting
  • Analysis of and reduction of cost of holiday lighting

Lighting retrofit and design is an investment that will yield significant returns. Our team here at Schaffhouser Electric Company will be able to work with you to discuss how much money this process can save you each and every year. We are happy to share solutions to reduce energy costs.

To learn more about lighting retrofit for your business, give us a call or email us today!

Cutting Down on Energy Waste – Efficient Use of Resources

energy waste

Did you know that energy mismanagement is the reason why many businesses pay more than they need to pay for energy? The amount of energy expended by companies often gets overlooked and is often viewed as an expense that doesn’t have any room for fluctuation. Schaffhouser Electric Company has undergone extensive training about energy mismanagement to become experts in this field. We received training from the globally recognized energy management specialists, Schneider Electric. Our training has deepened our knowledge and ability to recognize ways for our clients to cut down on their costs and to maximize their efficiency.

Although every business will face energy waste to a certain degree, the amount can be limited. Some of the ways we can help you include:

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Installation – With ever-changing gas prices and the concern for emissions and pollution, many people are going green by switching to an electric vehicle. If you’re thinking of making the leap, let us know! We can install a charging station properly and professionally.
  • Efficient Lighting Plans & Controls – Many times, lights are left on unnecessarily in places of business. Even if you need to develop a system based on shifts or time blocks, we have the expertise and know-how to establish a system that minimizes energy waste without cutting down on productivity.
  • Troubleshooting – Sometimes energy-saving products and systems can contribute to a reduction in power quality. But going green doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort and ease. If you’ve been having problems with your eco-friendly technologies, give us a call! We are troubleshooting experts and can help you get the most out of your energy-saving systems.
  • Critical Power – If power is absolutely critical to your business, you likely don’t want to rely solely on the power grid. If your business falls into this category, the experts at Schaffhouser Electric can help you develop a power source that you can count on at all times.
  • HVAC Controls – To increase the comfort level of a home or business with minimal waste, we offer HVAC control solutions. This can be a great way to conveniently cut down on operating costs, without sacrificing the enjoyment of your space.
  • Energy & Power Management Systems – We offer energy-assessments of your business, and can help you pinpoint areas of waste and areas in which improvements can be made. This can be especially beneficial to business owners, and can significantly decrease energy waste and overall operational costs.

Contact us today to see how we can help cut down on your energy waste!

Is Your Company Interested in Going Green? Now is the Time

Schneider Electric EcoXpert certification

As summer comes to an end, the weather will soon be getting colder and the sun will be setting earlier—thus your energy expenses are likely to peak. If your company has considered going green, the time is now!

The Schaffhouser Electric team has undergone the Schneider Electric EcoXpert training and certification program. This process has allowed our energy-conservation experts to identify key sources of energy mismanagement, and develop solutions that can not only minimize waste, but also cut down on energy expenses. According to Forbes, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings produce energy waste that adds up to an estimated $60 billion every year.

With today’s technology, energy expenses are a given, but there are several ways that Schaffhouser Electric can help your business keep the cost and waste to a minimum.

Our company has undergone the Schneider Electric ExoXpert training and certification program, which gives us valuable knowledge to identify energy mismanagement, as well as the skills to develop waste minimization and reduce overall energy expenses. By providing a custom business evaluation, Schaffhouser Electric can help your business cut costs and become more environmentally friendly.

Here are a few of our services that will become especially helpful as the fall and winter seasons approach:

Lighting and Lighting Controls: As the days become shorter, there is less natural light available, which often leads to an increase in electricity use. Unfortunately, lighting contributes to an enormous amount of energy waste in commercial settings. We have the expertise and know-how to establish a system that minimizes energy waste without cutting down on productivity.

Energy and Power Management Systems: In the cases of large corporations and industrial facilities, an assessment for an energy and power management system often provides significant insight as to where the most energy waste is stemming from. Energy and Power Management systems can significantly improve the amount of energy saved, while also providing savings in overall operational costs.

HVAC Controls: Many interior and exterior factors from a building can effect the operation of HVAC units. To maintain the comfort level of your office, Schaffhouser Electric offers HVAC control solutions, which can conveniently cut down on operating costs.

Schaffhouser Electric’s energy-conservation experts are trained to provide top-notch expertise when it comes to electricity efficiency, which will reduce the consumption and demand of energy, while also providing valuable financial savings. Interested in saving energy before the days get longer and colder? Give us a call!

How An Energy Management System Can Benefit Your Business

Energy Management System
Energy Management System

If you are looking to reduce the energy costs in your industrial or commercial business, it may be time to consider an Energy Management System (EMS).

An Energy Management System is a methodical and efficient process for constant improvement of energy function and performance. An EMS is applicable for businesses of all sizes and divisions, but can be especially beneficial for companies that require rigorous energy operations.

Energy Management Systems provide substantial insight on the performance of your equipment and systems, as well as their energy consumption. An EMS allows you to monitor, control and conserve energy, which will not only reduce costs, but can also reduce environmental damage and the amount of energy that your company consumes. Energy Management Systems are commonly recognized as a top solution to reduce energy consumption and costs.

Five Advantages of an EMS:

1. Savings- Cutting costs is typically the valuable reasons for installing an EMS. By lessening energy, the risk of energy price fluctuations and supply shortage is greatly reduced.

2. Insight on energy usage- An EMS not only allows you to reduce and conserve energy—it also provides an innovative solution that will allow you to understand the performance of devices and systems, as well as their energy consumption. This allows you to gain insight into energy savings, efficiency and sustainability. An EMS allows you to predict your energy costs, optimize and reduce waste, as well as increase your operational efficiencies. You gain the visibility to your energy spending.

3. Improve efficiency and productivity- An EMS establishes the best energy practices for your industry, thus allowing your employees and staff to become aware of energy-saving techniques, thus reducing time and improving the overall efficiency of your business.

4. Integrate systems- An EMS will allow your systems to work together and save energy while doing so. This streamlines your systems, and makes them far easier to use.

5. Qualify for a federal tax deduction- By conserving so much energy; you can receive a tax deduction, which attributes to less spending and more profitability.

Schaffhouser Electric will conduct an energy audit for you company to customize an energy management system that works for your needs. The audit will closely examine your business energy consumption and will detect areas of high usage/waste, and then we will establish the best services and systems that will reduce energy demand or control how much energy is used.

If you are interested in learning how an Energy Management System can benefit your business contact us today!

Lighting Retrofit – The Best Way to Save Money on Electricity

Lighting Retrofit
Lighting Retrofit

Do you remember those initiatives about turning off the lights when you left a room? The idea was that when you switched off the lights, you were able to decrease energy consumption and save money.

Well–no surprise to us–it really works! And applying that logic to an office or industrial setting will greatly affect your bottom line.

Lighting can use between 30% and 50% of the energy in most commercial buildings. Convincing your employees to flip those switches can really add up on the savings.

You can also take it one step further with a custom Lighting Retrofit.

Benefits of a Lighting Retrofit

Changes to your lighting system are one of the most cost effective upgrades you can make. There are a few ways to DIY the process, but mapping out your changes with a professional lighting designer can maximize your efforts and increase your energy efficiency.

A professional lighting retrofit will update all or part of your electrical systems, bringing them up to today’s energy efficient gold standards.

You can save money on lighting in one of two ways: decrease wattage or decrease use time. A good lighting retrofit will do both, saving you money across the board.

Besides monthly energy reduction, retrofitting your lighting can also make you eligible for certain tax rebates and exemptions. Look into your local regulations to see how your tax bill can be lowered as well as your energy bill.

Finally, everyone loves an energy efficient company! With a professional lighting retrofit, you can wear your greenness as a badge of honor and attract certain clients who value that.

What’s Next?

During your retrofit, a Schaffhouser electrician will work with you to create a custom plan for your space. Among other things we will :

● Analyze and reduce the cost of overhead lighting
● Remove unnecessary lamps and ballasts
● Delamp, which is the process of testing the luminosity of your space and determining if it’s brighter than it needs to be, while still providing maximum safety and efficiency
● Replace T12 bulbs with T8 bulbs, which are narrower and more energy-efficient
● Analyze and reduce hours of operation using innovative controls
● Analyze and reduce costs of outdoor signage, exterior and parking garage lighting
● Analyze and reduce cost of holiday lighting

A Schaffhouser Lighting Retrofit is the fastest and most efficient way to decrease your energy costs. When you’re ready to save some money, give us a call at 615-325-8001.