Schaffhouser Electric Services for Your Protection

electrical engineering

Schaffhouser Electric offers services that will protect you in the event of an unexpected crisis. Whether a crisis occurs due to weather, a power outage, or another emergency situation—we’ve got you covered if disaster comes!

Lightning strikes are common this time of year and can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your business. Property can become damaged or even destroyed in the event of a lighting strike. Valuable electronic equipment should be proactively taken care of to ensure that it is safe through both sunshine and storms. To prepare for storms, a great option is to protect your assets with a TVSS System. TVSS stands for Transient Voltage Surge Suppression and helps protect your electronics during spikes and surges that occur when lighting directly strikes your property. Although this does not guarantee protection, it is your best option and line of defense against the strongest lightning strikes. You can learn more about Schaffhouser’s TVSS System services here.

If the power goes out due to lightning, other extreme weather situations, or from a different cause entirely, a backup generator is the solution to ensure that you aren’t left without the ability to carry out the functions of your business. If the power goes out, you will likely need either a portable generator or a standby generator. Each type of generator has different specifications and functions. Schaffhouser can help you know which option is best for your specific situation.

In the midst of a crisis, the last thing on your mind should be learning the ins and outs of electrical engineering. Don’t let technical terms and unfamiliar topics become daunting. Schaffhouser deeply understands and carries expertise in technology, engineering and electricity. We are here to help you make the most informed decisions possible when it comes to weather disasters. We exists to serve you and help you choose the services that you need to stay protected in even the most threatening weather situations.

We believe in honesty, transparency, and guiding you through the decision-making process. You know your business best and we know electricity. Together, we can be a team that propels you to new heights. You can count on Schaffhouser Electric for your electrical engineering needs no matter how the weather behaves.

To learn more about our services and to ensure your protection, contact us today at 615-325-8001

Benefits Of Audio Video Cabling For Security Purposes

Audio Video Cabling

The holidays are upon us, which is a high security time in corporate and commercial environments.

One of the best safety measures to take to ensure the protection of a work environment and safety of employees is the installation of security cameras. reports that, “robbery in and around commercial areas and malls is something to be concerned about during the holidays.” And the Houston Chronicle states, “Installing cameras in your business’s location will almost always reduce theft and other crime that occurs on your premises… It also deters many crimes from ever happening.” By installing high quality video and camera cabling, you are automatically reducing the risk factor.

If you haven’t yet considered video and camera cabling, now is the time to look into it. Quality video, photography and the related cabling can be a huge asset to any business, but it’s best to leave these installations to a professional. At Schaffhouser Electric, our specialists are highly skilled at determining the best products for your needs, and providing top-notch installations. Even with rapid changing technology trends, we make sure to stay informed on which cable arrangements will provide the best results. Our services range from video and camera cabling to speakers, amps, control devices and the necessary cables and extenders. We can handle the technology process so that all you have to worry about is the material being produced.

When it comes to the distribution of audio and video signals, our comprehensive cabling services will make sure that all of your needs are met, while providing superb quality and speed, while also directing you towards the most cost efficient and reliable options. Our experts can explain the full capabilities of your products and integrate them with your current systems to make the overall process seamless to use. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to send information from a computer to a monitor, or provide quality background music without complications, we can get the job done.

The benefits of audio video cabling for security purposes include theft and break-in prevention, evidence should a theft or break-in occur and safety precautions—which foster a more secure atmosphere for employees and clients.

Some of our video cabling options include: Radio Frequency, Composite Video, Component Video and Digital Video.

If you’re ready to look into video and cabling options to benefit the security of your corporate or commercial setting, contact Schaffhouser Electric today!

Fire Alarm System Installation By Schaffhouser Electric

Fire Alarm System

Fall is upon us, and October is the official fire safety month. Are you prepared?

According to the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance, Tennessee ranks as 6th in the nation for highest fire mortality. However, there are many preventative measures you can take towards fire prevention and when it comes to commercial settings, proper installation of a fire alarm system can be crucial.

First, it is important to understand that a fire alarm system is far more complex (and effective) than just having a smoke detector. While smoke detectors are a central component of fire alarm systems, they typically do not provide the security and safety needed in commercial environments.

A fire alarm system is responsible for regulating an entire system of fire alarm modules within a building, and can operate through mechanical or electronic activation. The benefits of a fire alarm system include reports and notifications of fire, smoke or excess heat within a facility, as well as a source for emergency evacuation and fire extinguishment. These systems will also alert the appropriate staff of water flow issues within a sprinkler system or pull system. Recent updates and development within modern fire alarm systems include the ability to identify the exact location of possible fire danger.

A fire alarm system functions in at least one of three modes: regular (normal), alarm, and trouble—and this mode is updated and accessible in real time via the system’s control panel. When a system goes into alarm or trouble, the building will be notified so that all occupants can take the proper precautions to make a safe exit.

When it comes to fire system installation, it is imperative that this procedure is done by highly qualified professionals to guarantee that the design is conducive with a building’s structure and that there are absolutely no wiring or operational setbacks. This is necessary in corporate and industrial settings, to ensure the safety of all employees.

To give you an idea of what a fire alarm system typically consists of, you can expect the following:

  • Smoke/ heat detectors
  • Fire Alarm System Boxes
  • Sirens/ strobe lights that provide immediate warning of danger
  • Positioning throughout building that determines the exact problem area
  • Mitigation and sprinkler systems to reduce injury and damage

If you already have a fire alarm system installed, and haven’t had it inspected recently, now is the time.

Schaffhouser Electric provides inspections that can verify proper use and function of your system, by methodically examining every portion of the system, including your power supplies and the functionality of the system itself.

Here are a few other safety tips to make sure your corporate environment is prepared in the event of a fire:

  • Schedule regular inspection and maintenance of all firefighting equipment
  • Ensure that all receive proper fire protection and prevention training
  • In areas of hazard, enforce a no-smoking policy
  • Create a fire emergency plan for all areas of your corporate environment, and make sure it is always visible

If you are interested in the system of a fire alarm system, or would like an inspection on your current system, contact Schaffhouser Electric today!

Schaffhouser–The One Scan that Can Save You a Ton of Money

Infrared Testing
Schaffhouser Infrared Testing

Business owners, plant supervisors, and building managers all have plenty to worry about. Payroll, scheduling, repairs, upgrades, the list goes on.

Often in the hassle of everyday business, potential electrical problems are overlooked. Most of these problems develop slowly over time, hidden in the walls of the building. Out of sight, out of mind, and there seem to be a million other things to demand attention.

Unfortunately, these unseen issues can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage when they emerge. Equipment damage, interruption of business, even fire — all of these things can be the result of un-diagnosed electrical issues. And many of these issues go undetected in routine inspections, making the whole problem even scarier.

Thankfully there is a solution!!

Infrared and thermal testing has a lot of uses. The technology detects heat through walls and floors, and since the first sign of an electrical malfunction is a rise in temperature, it’s a good way to catch problems early. Using a small device similar to a camcorder, the inspector scans a building and is able to “see” problems before they become catastrophic.

An infrared scan can prevent massive system failures and shutdowns, saving a business lots of money in lost revenue or repairs. But what systems should be tested?

At Schaffhouser, we have the capability to test any and every system that could experience problems. These include:

  • Substations, transformers, and feeder poles
  • Distribution panels and disconnects
  • Electrical power supplies
  • Main electrical incoming services, transformers, and capacitor banks
  • Switchboards and disconnects
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Service electrical disconnects for motors
  • Generator controls and transfer switches
  • Main I-Line electrical panels
  • Lighting and receptacle electrical panels

When you call Schaffhouser Electric, we’ll schedule your inspection and provide you a report of all your systems. Using this report, you can plan and prepare for any upcoming maintenance that needs to be done and avoid any of the catastrophes that could arise. And we’ll do the inspection without any interruption to your daily business.

It’s recommended that property owners have an infrared inspection done annually. This time of year is perfect, helping you plan expenditures and maintenance for the rest of 2015. Keep in mind, though, industrial plants and other companies that use a lot of electricity might benefit from quarterly scans because electrical systems can change with the seasons. You could develop a problem in the fall that isn’t there during your first quarter scan.

Infrared testing is a quick, painless way to protect you, your business, and your employees from catastrophic electrical problems. Give us a call today and we’ll get you started.

Why It’s Important to Have Your Fire Alarm Tested

Fire Alarm Testing
Fire Alarm System

Thanks to elementary school, we all know what to do when a fire alarm goes off. Walk calmly to the nearest exit and leave the building.

Easy enough, but what if your fire alarm doesn’t work anymore? Every commercial building is equipped with some kind of fire or smoke detection system, but when was the last time you had the one in your office tested to make sure it works properly?

Because today’s offices are overloaded with electronics, the chance of a fire emergency are greater than ever. We’re used to having our technology work, and the worst time to discover it doesn’t is when it’s critical.

There are a lot of things that can wear down an alarm system. Everyday dust and dirt could get in and damage the wiring. That dust and dirt is even worse if you’ve recently renovated or made major changes to the office. Good old fashioned aging can also cause your system to break down without you even noticing it.

With a little forethought, though, you can stay on top of maintenance for your fire alarm. There are a few steps you can take to ensure you and your coworkers are safe:

  1. Test and calibrate alarm sensors. This will take some research as you’ll need to learn about those sensors, their testing requirements, failure modes, and re-installation needs.
  2. If you have specific knowledge of the system, you can run simulation tests for the annunciators.
  3. Set the sensitivity. Again, this requires specific knowledge of the system and fire detection theory.
  4. Coordinate with the fire department to test their input.
  5. Check the battery for corrosion and replace if needed.

Sounds like a lot of work, right? It is!!

Fire alarm testing can, in theory, be done by the owner, but it’s more often something that should be left to professionals. This is a great time of year to check up on all your detection systems, and we’ll be happy to help.

Give us a call and schedule your fire alarm inspection today.